Project Gambia charity day!

First of all, thank you for your generous donations today! Hopefully they will go a long way towards improving the lives of children in The Gambia.

Today we have spent the afternoon writing letters to our pen-pals in Half Dye school, the Gambian school Peters Hill is twinned with.


We each had our own personal pen-pal. Miss Jones will deliver the letters when she travels to The Gambia in a few weeks time.

We have also made classroom decorations and resources, such as alphabet bunting and 100 squares. We learnt about Half Dye school and about why they would appreciate the resources.

Hopefully they will all be well received! Have a super weekend and well done for all your hard work this week.



Here is this week’s homework, in honour of Shakespeare week!

There are no spelling as we have had assessment week this week, so I think you all deserve a break!

We will also not be doing a normal spelling test this week, as the words you practised were included in our formal spelling assessment.

Thank you for your support with this!

Gambian Charity Day!

Tomorrow is our Gambian charity day! For a donation of £1, children may wear their own clothes in the colours of the Gambian flag:

Gambian Flag

We will be doing all sorts of fun activities, including writing letters to children from The Gambia and making classroom resources for Miss Jones to take with her when she goes in a few weeks time!

Any donations of the following would also be appreciated:

-Arts and Crafts supplies, small toys and books, felt pens, crayons, scissors, paintbrushes, tissue paper, paint, glue, glitter, sequins, feathers, stickers, coloured card, glue, face paints, wool, pens, balloons, beads.

See you all tomorrow!

A wet but wonderful zoo trip!

We had a fantastic time a the zoo yesterday, despite all the rain! In the morning we hopped on the coach to go to the zoo, it was very exciting!

When we got there we had some free time to walk around and see the animals. Some of them were hiding from the wet weather, but managed to spot lots of them somewhere in their enclosures!

Before lunch we got to meet some animals in an African Explorerer session. We saw some interesting animal bones, and then we met an African land snail, a constrictor snake, a tenrec (which was so cute!) and a madagascan hissing cockroach.

Lots of us were very brave and held them all!

It was a super day!

Magical Meercats

This week, we have started learning all about meerkats, because our book for the half term is Meerkat Mail.


Sunny, the meerkat from the story, has come to stay with the class, and yesterday we started writing non-chronological reports all about his species!

We watched some nature documentaries to gather information for our reports, and recorded it on our whiteboards.

Then we used these facts to plan and write an informative report about meerkats.

Hopefully we will get to see some on Monday at the zoo!