All about algorithms

Yesterday in computing we learned about what an algorithm is. We found out an algorithm is a set of precise instructions or rules to solve a problem, and that computers often use them to carry out a tasks.

We had a go at writing our own precise algorithms for our partner to follow. First we designed a crazy monster. Then we had to write precise, numbered instructions about how to draw it. After that, we read out out instructions and our partner followed them. We compared our original monster with our partner’s and decided which parts of the instructions we needed to improve.

Here are some of your crazy monsters and algorithms:

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Parent workshop tomorrow!

A final reminder that our class’s inspire workshop is tomorrow from 9-10AM!

Please ensure your child has brought in a cardboard/pringles tube, even if you are not coming, as they will still get to take part! Any spares and extras would also be greatly appreciated as we are currently 11 short.

Looking forward to seeing everybody tomorrow!

So emotional…

Today, after reading our new topic book, Lila and the Secret of Rain, we talked all about Lila’s feelings in the book. As the book doesn’t often just tell us how she is feeling, we learned that we had to make our best guess – and that this is called ‘inference’.

We started off by discussing some emotions vocabulary, and then created a freeze frame to show Lila’s feeling at the start of the story when she hears her mum talking about the well drying up and the crops failing.

When we were tapped, we had to explain how we were feeling and why in-character as Lila. Then we looked at later points in the book and thought about how her feelings had changed as the story developed. We created thought bubbles as a class to show what she must have been thinking, and I loved Isla’s:

“Why didn’t the rain come? I’ve tried everything!”

Here is a scan of the book, for if you want to read it again at home!

All about data!

Today in computing we learnt all about how programmes can help us to understand data, and to create graphs. We took our maths books down to the ICT suite and inputted the data we had collected about our class’s favourite colours into a program called excel.

First, we talked about the vocabulary of the programme – we learned that the little boxes were called cells, and that we could work out what to call each cell using the numbers and letters along the top and along the side. Then, we put the different colours down the first column, and the amount of people who chose that colour next to it in the second column. We clicked a button, and a graph was created to display the data! At the end, we printed the data to be put in our maths books and saved it onto the system.

Here’s Harrisan’s super example:


Here are some data games for you to play with your grown-up’s help:

Fruit fall


Olive trees

The Kite Magazine

I’m excited to share the first issue of Peters Hill’s new online school magazine with you – The Kite. Designed to keep you up to date with goings on across the school, The Kite will also showcase Peters Hill students’ work and out of school achievements! Parents and children alike, please take a look to find out about some of the events and activities that took in the school during the Autumn term.

Parent workshop next Thursday

A reminder that on Thursday 2HH will be holding our parent inspire workshop from 9-10AM. Whether or not you can come, please send your child to school with a cardboard tube/Pringles tube before Thursday next week, as we will be creating rainmakers!

If you can attend the workshop, please drop your child off as normal on Thursday morning, and then wait in the small hall to be taken up to the classroom by a member of staff.

It should be a fun and creative morning!