Happy half term!

Well, 2HH, you’ve made it through your first half term as year 2s! I’ve had a fantastic time teaching you and have been blown away by the amazing work you’ve all produced. I hope you’ve all enjoyed it too!

Now it’s time for a well earned rest – go and have some great fun and catch up on your sleep, and I’ll see you all in a week’s time! It will be great to see the amazing Bonfire Night projects you have produced!

Here is the sheet if anybody missed it yesterday: Bonfire Night Homework

Have a great week,

Miss Hewitt.


We can research!

In preparation for writing a non-chronological report to show all the things we have learned about the Great Fire of London at the end of this week, we have been using the Ipads to research extra facts and find the answers to our questions.

We talked about how to stay safe on the internet, especially when using Google as it searches so many different sites to find information for us. Then we got into groups and used safari to search. We watched videos, looked at pictures, and clicked on different websites to find out everything we could. Then we noted down what we had learnt on sugar paper.

Here is a video to remind you of some of the key facts: Newsround Video

Here is a game you can play about the fire. It will quiz you to test what you know so make sure you’re paying attention! Game

Finally, for all the children who like Minecraft, here is a recreation of the Great Fire of London in Minecraft. It was made by the Museum of London! Minecraft


The Great Fire of Forest School

Today something very exciting happened in forest school – we made our very own mini Great Fire of London to help us learn about how the fire spread from house to house and how it was put out.

We first had to make our Tudor houses out of the boxes we brought in last week. We had to turn them inside out and stick them back together so that the blank cardboard was on the outside. This was really tricky as they kept on trying to turn themselves the right way in! Then we had to decorate them with tiny windows and window frames, dark beams, and orange roofs to represent the thatch!

When it was time for forest school, we put on our wellies, collected our houses and walked up the field. Jason helped us to arrange them into lines so that they looked like a street. Then he chose one to be the bakery on pudding lane and started a little fire inside. At first the flames were small but soon we could see them coming through the windows and spreading through the house. Then the next door house caught fire too, and it spread down the street! We knew that people tried to stop the fire spreading by destroying houses in its path, so Jason took away one of the houses in the street to create a gap. We saw that the flames couldn’t jump across the gap to the next house, so the fire couldn’t spread in that direction any more. However, he also showed us how sometimes the burnt houses collapsed across the road or into each other, causing the fire to spread in new directions.


Eventually there was only a pile of ash left! Well done for making such fab houses and for being so brave when they burned, 2HH!


I just wanted to say a HUGE well done to you all for your harvest festival performance today! You all did your actions and sang brilliantly, and I was really proud to see you all being so sensible. It was great to see your big smiles afterwards too!

I hope you all had fun and that all that practising was worth it! Hopefully your grownups all enjoyed it too.

Well done again, from Miss Hewitt.

Well done 2

Week 6 Homework

Here are the homework and spellings for this week – the English homework is all about conjunctions as we have been looking at them in class. You can find a game here if you want to practise even more!

Make sure you practise your spellings as much as possible before next week’s test, as lots of you are getting really close to your first prize!

Miss Hewitt

Homework 12th October

We are animators

Today Miss Hewitt gave the class a special challenge: to create an informative animation all about the Great Fire of London! First of all, we had to decide which were the most important events of the fire so we knew the scenes we wanted to include. Then we split off into 6 groups to make props for our scenes.

We used lots of different materials, including lego, tissue paper, and plasticine to make the fire, people, and backgrounds. We had to think carefully about what we wanted to happen in our scene so we knew what we needed to make. Then we had to delegate tasks so that each member of the team was working on something.


Finally, it was time to start animating. We gathered our props and headed to the animation station, where Mr Cauldwell showed us how to create stop-motion animation. We saw that we needed to move our props a tiny bit each time we took a photo so that they moved realistically, rather than jumping all over the place!

Then it was our turn! We worked in our groups on the macs to animate our scene. Watch this space for the finished product!


Baking bread in forest school

The past two weeks, we have been learning how to bake bread over an open fire in forest school. We used long forks to turn it over the flames so that is cooked evenly, while we talked about how the Great Fire of London started in a bakery on Pudding Lane.


We enjoyed using our senses whilst cooking; we talked about how the fire made us feel and described the glow we felt on our faces. We also discussed how to sit safely by the fire, making sure we were sat down securely.

Next week, we are going to recreate the fire on a miniature scale to see how the fire spread! Click here to play a game about the fire.