Moon-buggy madness!

Today we used our designs to create our moon buggies! It was lovely to see all of your creativity and independence – you had some great ideas and found ways to achieve them practically, so well done. You also worked superbly in teams, and I was really impressed by this! Well done!


Grownups – sorry they are not 100% finished! I’ve sent them home to be continued there are tomorrow is a French day so we probably won’t have time.

On this note, please could children come into school tomorrow in something red, white, and blue, or French-themed?

Also, please could children bring any library books they have at home back to school as we will be returning them tomorrow.

Thank you!


Moon buggy materials

Please could children bring their moon-buggy designs and materials to school tomorrow as we will be making them in art.

Also, any spare materials would be really appreciated just in case anybody forgets!

Thanks so much! 🙂

Marvellous Maps

As part of our orienteering topic in PE, today we learnt all about map symbols and tried to create a map of the school.

We first looked at some examples of OS maps. There were so many different symbols, we tried to work out what they all meant!

After that, we created some useful symbols to help us when we drew a map of the school. We designed a symbol for a path, a playground, and a doorway.

We then looked at a satellite photograph of the school, so we could see the layout and size of each of the buildings. Lots of us were amazed by how big the field was!

Finally, we used the image to try to draw and label our maps. Getting the size of the buildings right was pretty hard.

Next week we are going to try to use the maps to find treasure that’s been hidden in the school!

A dramatic morning!

This morning we had a special treat as Year 6 invited us to go and watch their end of year production in the hall!

We were spellbound for the whole thing and thought it was amazing!

When we got back to the classroom we made posters to advertise the play.

Well done, Year 6, we were very impressed!

Teddy Bears’ Picnic and Sunflowers!

We are now in the final weeks of Year 2 and I can barely believe how the time has flown! I know the next few weeks will be a lot of fun, and that the children are excited to meet their new teacher!

I understand and email went out over the weekend about a teddy bears’ picnic next Monday. This has been organised by the kitchen staff as an end of term activity for the children. If the children are having a school dinner next Monday, they can bring in a teddy to eat with. This teddy will also be entered into a prize draw to possibly win some prizes for their child. All teddies then get returned to their owner and go home at the end of the day.

Also, I know you have all been working hard on growing your sunflowers as tall as you can! If children would like to take a picture of them with their sunflower, or measuring their sunflower they can bring this in to share with the class this week or next week. This can be printed or emailed to

Thanks for all your support with these end of term activities!

Miss Hewitt

Troublesome turns

Today we were practising our position and direction skills in maths. We learnt all about clockwise and anticlockwise, and how to tell the difference between the two.

It was difficult enough to direct ourselves using this vocabulary, but then it got even harder! We had to direct little ‘Bob’s around a map, using this vocabulary. We had to think about his perspective and then direct him to turn the right way.


To top it all off, we also had to record the directions and then test them! This was when we realised we had gotten our half and quarter turns mixed up, or our clockwise or anticlockwise. It showed us the importance of checking our work.

Can you remember which was which? Why don’t you try to plan out your route home and record it?