Persuasion Practice

Persuasion was our hot topic today in English. We needed to identify the key features of the book we have been studying – The Day the Crayons Quit – and persuasion was one of them. First, we needed to know what persuasion meant. One of us pretended we didn’t want to go outside because it was too cold, and the other person had to use all the ideas we could think of to persuade them to go out and played. Then we swapped and tried to persuade our partner to do our work.

Afterwards, we listed the different techniques we had used and then tried to find them in the crayons’ letters. We had to decide who was the most persuasive, and who we felt most sorry for.

We will be writing our own persuasive letters at the end of the week, so why not practise at home? Can you persuade your grownup to give you extra pudding, or perhaps your brother or sister to play with you?

Here is the book for you to read at home if you want: The-day-the-crayons-quit


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