Healthy and happy!

Our new Science topic this half term is all about staying healthy.

Over the past few weeks we have explored human life cycles and compared them to a frog’s life cycle. We found out that although the two life cycles look very different they also have some similarities. We also realised that sometimes an animal can change and grow so much that it can look very different at the start of it’s life cycle compared to the end.

Last week we investigated what animals need to stay alive. We helped Miss Baker make a list of all the things that her pet cat Bob needs to stay healthy. We decided that animals need food, water, warmth, shelter, exercise and sleep to stay alive. Once we had made the list we realised that humans also need these same things!

Over the next few weeks we will think about the different food groups and why we need to try and eat a balanced diet. We will also start to investigate germs and find out why washing our hands before we eat is so important!


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