Gunpowder Plot Projects

This week we have been working in groups creating projects to teach the children in year 1 all about the Gunpowder Plot! Some of us have been lucky enough to work with students from Newman University to create an animation all about what happened, while others of us have been working with me in class to make lift-the-flap posters full of facts. We also found out about Thomas Percy’s warning letter to Lord Monteagle, which cause the plot to fail, and imagined what he might have said in it. Then we wrote our own version and tea stained the paper so it would look old!

Once all our projects were finished, we had to prepare what we were going to say in a special assembly we were giving to the year 1 students this afternoon. We wrote our lines on paper so we wouldn’t forget!

Then it was time for the assembly! We all watched the amazing animations, and then we presented our posters. It was interesting seeing what the other classes had been learning and what they had created. You were all very brave saying your lines!


Well done!


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