So emotional…

Today, after reading our new topic book, Lila and the Secret of Rain, we talked all about Lila’s feelings in the book. As the book doesn’t often just tell us how she is feeling, we learned that we had to make our best guess – and that this is called ‘inference’.

We started off by discussing some emotions vocabulary, and then created a freeze frame to show Lila’s feeling at the start of the story when she hears her mum talking about the well drying up and the crops failing.

When we were tapped, we had to explain how we were feeling and why in-character as Lila. Then we looked at later points in the book and thought about how her feelings had changed as the story developed. We created thought bubbles as a class to show what she must have been thinking, and I loved Isla’s:

“Why didn’t the rain come? I’ve tried everything!”

Here is a scan of the book, for if you want to read it again at home!


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