Questions of kindness…

Yesterday in PSHE we discussed how to decide if things are kind or unkind, fair or unfair. We used the characters and situations in Library Lion to help us think about this.

One example we looked at was whether Mr McBee’s actions in the story were kind or unkind. We created a table and made a list of reasons he was kind and reasons he was unkind. It was clear that there was good reasons for both points of view.

Afterwards we decided which side we thought was the most convincing and lined up to form an alley, with the ‘kind’ children on one side and the ‘unkind’ children on the other side. As someone walked down the alley we whispered reasons for our side of the argument to try to persuade them.

We also talked about library rules and whether they were fair or unfair. After we had decided, we stood up with our table and presented our argument to persuade the rest of the class.

Which side did you fall on? Do you think it’s fair to say someone is a ‘kind’ or an ‘unkind’ person, or do you think that people can change?


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