Becoming lions!

This afternoon we had some time to finish the lion masks we have been working on in art. Using a paper plate as a base, we used different coloured tissue paper to decorate the lion’s face, and then different coloured card to add the details like his muzzle and whiskers. This has been helping us to develop our fine motor skills, as the cutting out can be quite intricate!

After that, we used brown and orange sugar paper to create a ruffled mane, and then we use a lollipop stick as a handle to hold our masks by.

Meanwhile, in PE we have been thinking about how we can dance like different animals. Today we practised moving and balancing as an elephant, a monkey and a meerkat. We used some of the music from The Lion King to inspire us.

Here is a song you could put on to try dancing like a meerkat – that is the animal Timon is. Remember to include still balances, and try to move at different levels in your routine.

Perhaps you could also think about how a lion might move around and use that in a dance. A good song to dance to could be The Circle of Life. If you create a dance you can perform it for the class on Monday morning if you want to.


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