Library _____?

Today we have been planning our own stories using the structure of library lion, ready to write them at the end of the week.

First we used drama to investigate what it would be like if different animals came into the library – what sort of problems would they cause? We tried out being an elephant, an owl and a snake, and then we came up with our own animals.

We had pigs treading mud in, dogs barking, dinosaurs knocking over the books, and penguins bringing in ice and fish!

Once we had decided on our new characters, we used post-it notes to edit a story map of library lion. We could change whatever details we liked but it was important to get our vocabulary right – a snake wouldn’t stomp, and a dinosaur wouldn’t be able to dust with its fluffy tail!

Tomorrow we will be creating character descriptions of our invented character, so bring your best adjectives and adverbs! Why not think of a few ideas with your grown up tonight to wow me tomorrow? I’ll have my stickers at the ready!


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